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Artesian Spring water

Consumers love our planet. It’s where we live, play and thrive. Consumers love bottled water. It offers a convenient way to nourish our bodies, which is essential to a healthier life. Bottled water is also a refreshing alternative to other beverages like carbonated soft drinks or high fructose corn syrup fruit drinks. Bottom line, water is good for you and having it in a single-serve bottle is just simply a convenient way to enjoy a beverage of your choice. So what’s all the fuss about bottled water? Well, most of it is around recycling, or the lack of recycling. But whose fault is that? It’s not the manufacturer of bottled water. Matter of fact, there are about twice as many carbonated soft drink bottles in landfills than water bottles! The problem is either the consumer (who doesn’t practice recycling) or the recycling system (that doesn’t offer a convenient recycling process in places where we live every day). So Green Planet was developed to bring the needs of the consumer and the planet together in a great tasting, refreshing and truly environmentally friendly bottled water.

It started in 2008 when we bought a wonderful natural artesian spring source surrounded by 65 acres of pure, uninterrupted, pristine land. The spring water contains natural minerals and electrolytes that are good for your body and remarkably refreshing when you’re thirsty. In 2017 we purchased more spring land bringing us to a total of approximately 265 acres.  We then searched for the best packaging to limit the planet of using oil based plastics.(let’s look at this ) We discovered plant based resins but although they fit with our desire to limit natural oil based packaging, the recycling infrastructure was not set up to manage this new plastic just yet. So, we dug deeper and found a very recent process where recycled plastic can be turned into usage resin (rPET) for making plastic bottles. It’s a complicated and expensive process that not everyone can execute but it fit our mission so we decided to move forward.

So, the bottles we use are made from 100% recycled plastic and in a way, a tribute to those who have taken the time to recycle plastic containers. Thank you. Most bottled waters available today don’t used any recycled content in their packaging. We’re proud of Green Planet in not only how it tastes but what we are doing to preserve the environment the best we can. You can too so please, recycle.

Our Story

Our Mission

To offer a truly environmentally friendly, great-tasting bottled water that combines using the purest natural spring water in packaging made from already recycled plastic and not from virgin, oil based packaging.