Artesian Spring water

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Green planet owns a wonderful natural artesian spring surrounded by 265 untouched acres of nature. Our spring has been touted by many water and conservation specialist as one of the most natural, well-balance springs in the United States. It has natural occurring minerals such as,  magnesium, calcium and potassium which give it a low TDS (30-35 Total Dissolved Solids per million) and a pure, refreshing, easy drinking taste. These natural artesian spring has a PH of 6.5-7.4 which is right where your body needs to be for rehydrating and the natural electrolytes help with replenishment.

We truly believe, and so many tell us too, that our spring water is unique and tastes so refreshingly good. And although we’ve had requests from other bottled water companies to buy water from us, we don’t sell it.